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Monthly Report, School Life


September at Sofia Public School was a month brimming with enriching activities and educational initiatives. From celebrating Teachers’ Day with gratitude and respect to organizing insightful workshops, field trips, and art competitions, the school community embraced learning, creativity, and the spirit of togetherness. Dive into this report to explore the vibrant events and experiences that shaped young minds during the month of September.


Teachers’ Day in India is a day of recognition and appreciation for educators who play a vital role in shaping the future of the nation. It serves as a reminder of the significance of education and the respect owed to those who impart knowledge and values to the next generation.

At Sofia Public School, on 5th September, students organized special events, including cultural programs, speeches, and ceremonies, to honor teachers.

Students expressed their gratitude through cards, gifts, and speeches, showing their respect for their teachers’ hard work and dedication.

FIRST AID in SELF-WOUND CARE TRAINING PROGRAM (Conducted on 6th September 2023.)

  • To raise awareness about the importance of first aid knowledge.
  • To provide basic first aid techniques for common emergencies.
  • To educate students on how to respond effectively during emergencies.

The presenter, the renowned practitioner, highlighted the importance of first aid in emergency situations. They discussed the critical role that first responders play in providing immediate assistance before medical professionals arrive.

The common emergencies and their first aid response, the presenter went on to discuss, included:

  • Choking
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Bleeding and wound care
  • Burns
  • Fractures and Sprains, etc.

The session on first aid served as an informative and interactive opportunity for participants to gain essential knowledge and skills necessary to handle emergency situations.


  • Science Utsav based on Design Thinking was held by the Indian Academy of Science in Bangalore on 13th September 2023, in recognition of Teachers’ Day. Embracing the innovative spirit, for teachers. Nearly 60 teachers from various schools participated.
  • Educators of Sofia Public School, Bangalore, from the Science department, Mrs. Alima Ali, Mrs. Fathima Begum & Ms. Nishtha Kumari, participated in this workshop.
  • The objectives behind organizing this workshop, Subhankar Biswas, Indian Academy of Science, Bengaluru, said, “The intent was to foster creative problem-solving skills and enrich both teachers and students.
  • The session started with Inauguration and introduction by Manasa Chidambar, Science Educator, followed by Guest speaker, Mr. Athutha Raju, physics teacher from National College, Basavanagudi, who explained innovative pedagogy techniques. The last and main session was about Design thinking & Problem-Solving workshop by Shashank Karnam, Science Educator.
  • The workshop was designed to enable teachers to solve existing problems in creative ways using the Design Thinking Methodology. Conventional problem-solving tools lead to run-of-the-mill solutions; hence, in a fast-changing world, the problem-solving methodology has to be different.
  • Teachers were allocated in groups to perform this workshop. They were provided with a kit which contains High-Intensity LED light [1], Small on/off switch [1], 9-volt battery [1], Scissor [1], Electrical Tape [1], Wires [a few], Resistor 270 ohms, cardboard to make a basic torch, and then, with the same materials, teachers were asked to do creative things.
  • At the end of the session, all the groups presented the creative models with marketing techniques. The design thinking process is a problem-solving design methodology that helps you tackle complex problems by framing the issue in a human-centric way, and this workshop helped a great deal in that respect.


  • On 14th September, Sofia Public School in Bangalore celebrated Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm and fervor. The occasion was marked by various cultural events like speeches, songs, poems, role plays, etc., that aimed to enrich Hindi literature and promote the use of the Hindi language among students.
  • The celebrations commenced with a formal inauguration ceremony where the school principal, staff, and students gathered to pay tribute to the Hindi language.
  • The Hindi Diwas celebration at Sofia Public School in Bangalore on 14th September was a resounding success.

It not only promoted the use of Hindi but also fostered an appreciation for the language’s cultural and historical significance. The event was a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing linguistic diversity and promoting India’s rich heritage.

Report on PTM

SPS conducted Parent-Teacher meet on 16th September 2023 to showcase the talent and the status of the students for the academic year 2023-24.

We also inculcated Students Led Conference by which the talents and confidence in the students ultimately increased for their future.

Parents counselling by Infinity group

To strengthen coordination between the parents and teachers, Sofia Public School conducted an interactive counseling session for the parents of students of Grade X on 16th September 2023. A special counseling expert, Mr. Venkatesh from Infinity group, stressed behavioral issues in adolescents and shed light on the crucial role of parents as role models in the children’s life.

Parental counseling offers modalities or therapies that help parents gain a better understanding of their parental style, face, and eventually conquer their personal issues, and restore their family, bringing back harmony and peace in the household, with the ultimate motive being the improvement in socio-emotional functioning of the child.

The session of parents counseling was interactive, informative, and fun with lots of questionnaires from parents about the students’ careers. Sofians believe in nurturing relationships among all for better understanding and the future.


Sofia Public School organized a visit to KSNDMC on 20th September 2023, for grades 9 & 10 CBSE and STATE BOARD as a part of its co-curricular activities.

This field trip gave children quick information about their mother earth and its natural disasters which occur suddenly and to have a check on it, many renowned scientists have developed certain equipment to track these disasters well in advance with growing technology.

Students learned and had a fun time visiting the relatively different aesthetics of disaster management. They were taken to different places where they witnessed many equipment with live experiments.

It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring new horizons of general knowledge for both children and teachers. The visit has been an excellent experience for the students to motivate young minds towards climate changes in the world.

Peace Day activity

Sofia Public School conducted a Peace Day activity on 21st September 2023 to educate and create awareness among students about the significance of world peace. As part of the activity, an assembly was conducted where students from grade 3 came together to celebrate the day.

The assembly began with a moment of silence, followed by a speech and group song related to Peace

Day and the importance of living in a world free from violence and conflict.

It is a collective effort by students, teachers, and staff to encourage acts of kindness, compassion, tolerance, and understanding in the school and wider community.


Sofia Public School organized a visit to GKVK MUSEUM on 21st September 2023, for the grades 3, 4 & 5 students as a part of its co-curricular activities. This field trip educated children about agriculture, the equipment used for the same.

The children visited the nursery which had more than 1000 varieties of saplings. Both indoor and outdoor plants were available. They learned more about the plants where their Science teacher explained about the benefits with their names. Children had a fun time visiting the museum where different miniatures were displayed with information. It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring the plowing method which usually city children miss out on compared to Village children.

This visit was met with great enthusiasm shown by the students and teachers that all have to take care of our environment with care for future generations to benefit.

Art integrated competition

Students of Sofia Public School were given a great opportunity to participate in the art integrated competition which was held by Sahodaya, Bangalore, combined with master strokes.

The first round was conducted on 13th August 2023. The set was divided into 2 groups, where the 8th and 9th grades were in set 1 and 10th was set 2.

Grade 8th & 9th students qualified for the final round.

The final round was held in St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore on 24th September 2023. Students actively participated and secured the top 30th position among 150 schools & received participation certificates.

GKVK Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden Field Trip

Sofia Public School organized a visit to GKVK Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden on 27th September 2023, for the grades 1 & 2 students as a part of its co-curricular activities. This field trip educated children about medicinal plants and their uses.

The children visited the nursery which had a variety of medicinal saplings. Both indoor and outdoor plants were available. They learned more about the plants where the Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden guide explained about the benefits with their names. Children had a fun time visiting the garden. They visited the pond to witness the Victoria Lotus leaves.

“Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden” is currently the home to Victoria Amazonica, the largest species of the water lily family.

It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring nature. This visit was met with great enthusiasm shown by observing the green nature. The children relaxed, played, and had snacks under the green nature with joy.

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