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Our Admission Process

1. Explore and Inquire

Discover Sofia Public School by visiting our inviting campus or simply fill out the Enquiry Form below. Our warm and knowledgeable staff are eager to assist you.

Admission Enquiry Form

2. Personalized Parent Interaction

Engage in a meaningful conversation with our Admission Counsellor. Delve into our educational philosophy, curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and transparent fee structure. Take a guided tour of our vibrant school campus to envision the learning environment we offer.

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3. Welcoming Student Interaction

Once you've decided to take the next step, purchase the application form and schedule a student interaction. This includes an informal meeting between your child, the Vice Principal, or the Academic Coordinator, along with a friendly entrance exam.

4. School Approval Process

Your child's interaction is carefully reviewed, and the school evaluates the compatibility of our educational approach with your child's needs. Admission approval is then determined.

5. Documentation and Transition

Upon approval, seamlessly submit the required documents following our checklist. Simultaneously, make payments for Admission fees and School Essentials. While you complete this, our team ensures thorough verification.

6. Confirmation and Warm Welcome

With successful payment and document verification, we officially confirm your child's admission. Welcome to Sofia Public School, where a world of holistic education and endless possibilities awaits your child!

Admission Enquiry Form


Sofia Public School is a secular school, we do not follow or preach any religion. We celebrate, acknowledge and learn about the importance of all religious and national festivals. We intend to make every student a proud citizen of India

We are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and CBSE mandates all staff to be trained and experienced as follows:

  • Pre-School – NTT/ Diploma in Montessori
  • Primary School (PRT) – PTT/ D.Ed
  • Middle School (TGT) – Bachelor with B.Ed
  • Secondary School (TGT/PGT) – Bachelor/Masters with B.Ed

Yes, we are a CBSE school from Pre-KG to Grade X. We also have an
option of state board for Grade 9 & 10 and separate classrooms for State &
CBSE classes

No, we follow strict NO Corporal Punishment policy and take individual
undertaking from all our staff before joining.

Yes. We believe parents and teachers play a vital role in a child’s development. Teachers are supportive, patient, non-partial or biased, non- judgmental and cooperative with students and parents at all times.
Yes, all staff are trained to speak in English except the language teachers. We have a special program by Karadi Path for enhancing Spoken English Communication.
We have a strict uniform code for all students to follow and religious wear is not allowed for students.
Yes, we conduct several competitions both inter and intra school all-round the year.
Not yet, as we grow, we definitely will have options in the near future.
A Homework time table is followed to help both parents and students complete their work on time.

Parents are notified when a student does not attend school for more than 2
days. Parents are instructed to send leave notes/ letters when students return
to school after leave.

More than 100 numbers of 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras are fixed in and around the school campus.
The drivers and attenders are trained to be caring and compassionate with students and parents
Yes, teachers are trained to give individual attention to all students.