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When it comes to language learning, our approach as one of the Top CBSE schools in Bengaluru stands apart, rooted in innovative teaching methodologies that optimize the natural way children learn. Here’s why our methodology is a game-changer:

1. Intuitive Intelligence:

We tap into intuitive intelligence, harnessing the right-brain orientation that aids in natural language acquisition. By mimicking the way we learn our mother tongue, our method prioritizes intuitive understanding over rote learning.

2. Immersive Language Environment

Our classrooms create a vibrant, immersive language environment. Through diverse modes such as stories, music, and activities, we stimulate language engagement, fostering a deep connection with English.

3. Non-Linear Learning

We embrace non-linear learning paths, recognizing that every learner is unique. Our approach offers multiple avenues for language acquisition, allowing individuals to explore their preferred methods of learning.

4.Non-Instructional Education

In our classrooms, learning is experiential. We do away with traditional instruction, opting for hands-on experiences that allow children to grasp language organically, without explicit explanations of words or phrases.

5. Multi-Sensorial Engagement

We engage multiple senses – listening, seeing, and doing. By integrating physical activity, music, and storytelling, we create a multi-sensorial learning experience that cements language patterns in young minds.

6. Multi-modal Engagement

Learning language through multiple modes such as physical activity, music and stories.

The Karadi Path Methodology

An Innovative Approach to Language Learning

At the heart of our teaching philosophy is the Karadi Path methodology, an award-winning educational innovation revolutionizing language education. Its non-linear and non-instructional approach allows children to learn English by discovery, by intuition, and by sensory engagement. Children derive English the same way they pick up their mother tongue or any other language from the environment. 

The Karadi Path methodology comprises of four modules, Action, Music, Reading and Story and integrates features of theatre to capture the elements of natural language acquisition

Action Path

Learn English grammar using body movements
Action Path is a kinesthetic module where body movements and expressions are used to acquire language patterns. It helps:

  • Build phraseology and elementary vocabulary.
  • Lay the foundation for speech and writing.
  • Internalise sentence constructions without any formal introduction to grammar.

Music Path

Make language patterns stick in your head with music memory
Music Path is a module that integrates music-memory with language learning, using scientifically scripted songs set in an Indian milieu. It helps:

  • Tune the ear to absorb specific language elements.
  • Use music as a springboard for pattern-recognition and simple conversations.

Reading Path

Build reading with touch, sight and sound
Reading Path is a multi-sensory reading module that introduces the basic phonetic sounds of the English language and builds sight-word recognition. It helps:

  • Develop phonetic reading using the unique Tarjani Tactile Reading Workbook.
  • Visually reinforce the shapes of letters and words with their associated sounds.
  • Reading fluency by transitioning to reading by sight and contextual prediction.

Story Path

Immerse in talking books to build deep ties with language
Story Path is an immersive module which creates a gripping story listening experience with exciting visuals, rich narratives and an evocative soundtrack. It helps:

  • Develop prediction skills to derive language from context.
  • Promote reading comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Build a theatre experience through expressive reading, miming, conversations and skits.


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