Every passing year we sit down to brainstorm what has worked in the past year and what has not. Based on the changing needs and interests of students we retain or bring in new practices. However, what is fundamental for primary students is fluency in English, with many first-generation learners, it is desirable by parents & students to be able to speak English fluently, it is considered as a success, our own mother tongue holds very little value in today’s youth and parents, thanks to years of colonization by the British, no one can be blamed because English does open up immense opportunities for children. Hence, we have a special spoken English Programme by KaradiPath which sort of teaches English the mother tongue way, like how a child learns mother tongue by age of three without writing, just by listening to dialogues, music and doing actions. It has been working extremely well.

We speak about holistic education as an unique selling point, without really understanding the true meaning of it. Being whole means being fully aware of who you are, your value system define your personality, your values are what stay with you when you have nothing else. A unique scenario based value education programme for awakening their inner strength and goodness called the Awakened Citizen Program is conducted round the year for middle & high school children.
It aims at empowering students in a real and tangible way by enabling them to stand on their own feet and help them develop as enlightened citizens with emphasis to help them integrate values in their lives and bring about a transformation from within rather than giving the students a set of do’s and don’ts.

Children love routines, it helps keep their restlessness away, they love responsibilities, they enjoy taking big roles, we have many such initiatives like student committee for older students & class monitors, book monitor, blackboard monitors even so much as curtain monitor to make them responsible and accountable.

We have something called as golden rules which are hung in every class, they are a set 5 rules which can be followed by each one of us, they are simple yet powerful and they work wonders. Somehow every problem or conflict that arises can be bought down to the simple fact that someone must have broken a golden rule and hence the problem.

The golden rules just in case you were wondering in a classroom or life are

  1. We are Honest
  2. We are kind & helpful
  3. We work hard
  4. We take care of our belongings & environment
  5. We respect each other’s opinions

This world can be a dangerous place and Self Defence is quite under rated among children, we never teach our kids to fight their own battles as parents take a lot of pride in being our own kids hero – nothing wrong about it. However, we cannot always be present with them and making our children self-reliant and independent is one of the key points in own school’s vision. Since our inception we have given extreme importance to self-defence and karate is mandatory from the age of six.

When words fail, music speaks. Every morning children are welcomed by music, any pleasant song which allows them to settle and be ready for the day when it stops

The way we hold our hands to pray, its unique. We are a secular school with equal love and respect to the diverse religions our children follow at home. We don’t join our hands or lift our hands in air, rather hold one hand’s fingers inverted into another palm sort of making an infinity symbol with our own two hands holding it close to our heart, depicting the infinite possibilities within our self to reflect upon, we say a secular prayer and meditate every morning for a few minutes.

We follow a unisexual uniform since 2017, a uniform is to create unity, children across the world wear uniforms so that they feel like they all are one, they get the sense of belonging to their school, why divide them on basis of sex? Skirts during teenage for girls can be quite overwhelming, same as pants for boys. Leaving one sex overly conscious and the other overly confident. All this along with formal shirts which are so high maintenance and then shorts for young ones, a belt, a tie, a badge – it was just too much happening. Hence we cut out all the crap, introduced same simple uniform which is a t-shirt with pants for both boys and girls from Grade 1 to 10. After this we saw more unity, confidence, better performance at sports and physical education by girls and everyone is just more comfortable.

Bag less day- No one likes baggage, everyone wants to be free – free of thought, free of fears, free of inhibitions and what not. How about start with bag less days – 10 to be precise around the year, where children can do so many other activities, games, puzzles, draw, dance, sing, and practice a lot of free play.

Open air classes- We are blessed with a beautiful campus with a lot of trees, every now and then teachers are encouraged to take their class out in the open under a tree to feel, observe and interact with nature.

Cleanliness – Every class has a dustpan and brush and every student is expected to clean up after themselves, to know and value our helpers. We even had clean your school day where the whole day children were dusting windows, benches, wall, railings, sweeping, mopping, and having a blast at it!

We celebrate all national festivals with great enthusiasm because I feel we are inherently patriotic, we read current affairs every day so children know what is going on around them, we hope for them to be responsible citizens one day who will be willing to stay in their own country to solve its problems rather than lose them to more developed nations.

FAIL wall – A notice board in the hallway called as F.A.I.L board which stands for First Attempt In Learning is displayed in the open where any one can write an incident where they failed at something either anonymously or with their name on a post it and stick it on the board so that they don’t feel ashamed of it and let it affect them negatively, rather they get it out of their system and truly believe that failure is nothing but a first step towards success.

Our Teaching Philosophy

As a school, we always think of creating scenarios and situations where learning can take place, teachers in our school don’t believe in just passing information, clearing doubts, or making them exam ready, but their goal is always to make students ready for life.

Teaching for us is a way to create curiosity among young minds, make them think and ponder, make them interested in their surroundings and understand what is happening around them, why it is happening and be able to question when they grow up, to be able to solve real life problems, to believe and understand who they are and what they want to do in life, our ultimate goal of teaching is for our students is to be confident and life-long learners.

Our teachers act as facilitators, helpers, guides, coaches or directresses of a class, as they are not merely teaching but carving a path for every child to open their minds and gain knowledge; not just by knowing facts and figures, but also by understanding why exactly it is they are learning a particular topic. As challenging as it may sound, our other belief is to inculcate values in our teaching, for whoever they grow to become and do whatever they want in their lives, they must be reasonable, compassionate and kind human beings.

They must be able to see the bigger picture and not get stuck in worldly pleasures or problems, but be a part of the world and contribute to make it a better place.